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By Alyssa Chmura

Camp Calumet is a Lutheran camp in New Hampshire which many of the kids from Grace Lutheran attend during the summer. Calumet is a great place to learn about God and faith while at the same time learning about yourself and making friends. Calumet teaches kids about their faith in a fun and effective way that keeps many people coming back year after year. I have been going to camp at Calumet for 4 years and have had a wonderful experience each and every time I go. I can’t imagine not going to Calumet each year because of the many great experiences I have had there.

Last summer, someone read a quote that perfectly described the kind of place that Calumet is. The quote was, “To be who you really are, go someplace where that’s all you can be.” Calumet is a place where you can be yourself and have a good time. Calumet is like a vacation from the real world where you can be yourself and not worry about a thing. There is always something fun to do at Calumet, such as photography, field sports, boating, and much more.

Calumet is not only for young children but for people of all ages. Kids can start attending camp for a week during the summer at eight years old until age eighteen. There are also staff positions available for older children. This summer, I will hopefully be an L&S at Calumet. L&S stands for Leadership and Service Corps, in which I will train to become a counselor by experiencing many of the jobs held around the camp. Being in a leadership training program will take a lot of hard work, but will be worth it. Calumet is a great place that should be experienced by everyone.

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