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9:00 am
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10:15 am

222 Farmington Avenue
P.O. Box 306
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Pastor Steve Brisson was born in 1959, and raised in the town of Bellingham, in southeastern Massachusetts. In 1986 he received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, and later worked as a food chemist. As Senior Scientist of the Mantrose-Haeuser Company, he developed food coatings and edible barriers, and represented the company internationally.

In response to a growing sense of call to ordained ministry, he left this position in 1997 to attend the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He graduated in 2001, and was ordained in June of that year. He served as a pastor in Upstate New York until his call to Grace in April of 2005.

Pastor Steve has been married to his wife, Sarah, for 33 years, and has a son, Neil, who is currently serving in the Navy and is stationed in Panama City, Florida.

When asked about matters of faith, he’ll tell you that ‘God stuff always comes down to relationship. Everything that God does is aimed at drawing us into a life-giving, peace-giving relationship with God. That’s especially true of Jesus. It’s also true of the church. In the church, God touches our lives, oftentimes through our relationships with each other. And through the church, God reaches into the world to touch the lives of others. More and more, people are struggling with a sense of being isolated and disconnected; the church offers a place to find what’s missing - You guessed it: relationship.’

When he’s not busy being a pastor, Pastor Steve enjoys playing guitar and piano, walking and bike-riding, dining out, and traveling with Sarah.

Contact Pastor Steve by email - or at 860-747-5191.